DBT Skills Group for Substance Abuse will utilize the 2nd Edition of the Linehan DBT Skills Training Manual which includes handouts specifically addressing substance abuse.  Based on the research by Marsha Linehan and Linda Dimeff, DBT includes skills that can be useful in reducing substance abuse and maintaining abstinence. 

Mareah Steketee leads this DBT skills group focused on substance abuse treatment. This group meets in Chapel Hill at 100 Europa Dr., Suite 260 on Mondays--contact Dr. Mareah Steketee 919.929.1227

Each DBT Skills Group is facilitated by at least one person who meets the requirements to be listed in the TADBiT Therapist Directory, and the facilitators of these groups have committed to meet the requirements for groups, listed here.

The DBT Skills Groups on this page follow the standard DBT model. For other types of groups, please visit our Find a Skills Group page.