TADBiT Therapist Directory

Each therapist in this directory states she or he is actively participating on a DBT Team and has, at a minimum, a two-day training in DBT (Linehan model). When relevant to the treatment needs, each therapist will be using behavior analyses, diary cards, and skills training (see Skills Group page) to apply the DBT change, acceptance and dialectical strategies. Therapists are listed by location. The locations for the Triangle Area include: Cary, Chapel Hill-Carrboro, Durham, Hillsborough, Raleigh. DBT intensively trained therapists are listed together under each location. You will find a listing of DBT therapists from Charlotte, Davidson, Fayetteville, Wake Forest and other parts of NC.

Meggan Moorhead

Meggan Moorhead

"It is with deeply felt satisfaction that I honor those psychotherapists who have invested in their DBT skills by taking the Intensive training previously and currently! You represent our great hope for ongoing adherent, compassionate and effective DBT!"  - Meggan Moorhead, Ed.D.

Intensively trained DBT clinicians have completed the 65 hour training over 6 months, with trainers authorized by Marsha Linehan, as a team with many additional hours in study, program development and presentation to acquire, strengthen and generalize the DBT skills and strategies.  Post-docs and graduate interns in DBT training programs are equivalent.

NOTE: If you are seeking a therapist for someone who has self-harmed in the last 12 months, it is strongly recommended that they be in treatment with an intensively trained DBT therapist who is currently participating in a DBT Consultation Team.

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This TADBiT Therapist Directory is a listing of local area DBT therapists, along with other parts of North Carolina.  Local and state-wide therapists similarly committed to providing comprehensive DBT are welcome to submit a listing to this directory.  There is no charge for therapists or clients to use this directory.  TADBiT does not verify any of the information in this directory, and does not endorse or recommend any of the listed therapists.  We simply want to provide a resource to make it easier for DBT therapists and clients to find each other.  The therapists in this Directory are not necessarily a part of or affiliated with TADBiT. 

A client and a therapist will develop a treatment plan together based on the client’s needs. The information provided in this Directory does not guarantee the use of any particular approach for any given client.

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