Terms of Agreement for Use of Skills Group Directory

This TADBiT Skills Group Directory is a listing of local area DBT skills groups led by DBT therapists who meet the criteria to be listed in the provider directory.  Local therapists similarly committed to providing comprehensive DBT (Linehan model) are welcome to apply to join this directory.  There is no charge for therapists or clients to use this directory.  TADBiT does not verify any of the information in this directory, and does not endorse or recommend any of the listed groups.  We simply want to provide a resource to make it easier for clients to find DBT skills groups that adhere to the Linehan model. The skills groups in this Directory are not necessarily a part of or affiliated with TADBiT. The leaders of these skills groups have committed to provide their members with the necessary elements of a standard DBT skills group (see this page for specific criteria).

The facilitators of each of these skills groups can provide you with more information, and most facilitators prefer to meet with potential members to ensure a good fit between client and skills group.

By clicking on a location link below, I state that I have read and understood the above disclaimer, and I agree that the use of this Directory does not constitute a referral, advice, or recommendation by TADBiT, the Leadership Team of TADBiT, or any of the members or affiliated providers of TADBiT.  I agree to waive any and all claims of liability of any type, against TADBiT, the Leadership Team of TADBiT, and any of the members or affiliated providers of TADBiT, for furnishing the information in this Directory.