DBT Graduate Groups

DBT group members who complete a year of DBT Skills Training and are free of self harm for six months are eligible for continuing support through weekly or monthly 'graduate' level DBT groups. All groups continue to reinforce increasing skills of mindfulness and emotion regulation and provide ongoing support for building a life worth living.


Triangle Area Grad Groups

  • Tuesdays 4:30-6pm. Weekly. Ongoing support group for DBT graduates which provides a weekly opportunity to build DBT skills and apply them to personal goals. Members encourage each other in skillful pursuit of their goals and have an opportunity to build interpersonal skills in the context of the group. Insurance filed. Provider not on panels. Sliding scale offered. Meets at 200 West Weaver St. Carrboro.NCContactNorma Safransky,M.D. 919-968-8422.

  • 2nd Thursday of month. 7-845pm. Monthly. This is a Stage 2/3 support group for DBT graduates who want a monthly opportunity to maintain and deepen their understanding and practice of the DBT skills. The teaching portion often goes into more depth than possible in the standard DBT classes. For example, members have learned about the working principles of Behavioral Activation that is the basis for the Pleasant Events Schedule (Emotion Regulation module). Psycho-education format with quarterly process-focused sessions. No insurance. Sliding scale offered. Meets at TADBiT Group Room, 200 West Weaver St. Carrboro, NC.  Fee is $60. Contact John Mader at 919.968.0231 / jmaderlmft@gmail.com or Nyra Hill at 919.286.3453 x107.