DBT-U is a specially designed co-ed coping skills group for undergraduate and graduate university students (ages 18 to mid-30s) who are enrolled in school or on leave from school. If you are emotionally sensitive, continually feeling overwhelmed or if negative emotions are getting in the way of you attending or participating effectively in class or work, then this may be the group for you.  The DBT-U program consists of participating in both the coping skills group as well as individual DBT sessions.

The foremost goal for each group participant is to become more aware of themselves as an agent for change and self-acceptance. The strength of DBT is learning to validate your experiences while also learning skills that improve your quality of life, reduce stress, regulate emotions, and maintain effective relationships.  DBT-U can help you to not feel so alone in your challenges, to learn to trust yourself, and to create a more meaningful life. 

The skills group meets once weekly and is based on the semester system. Although, a minimum of one semester commitment is required, we recommend that you participate in the DBT-U group for three semesters in order to fully learn and master the skills.

The following DBT-U groups run each academic semester:

  • Chapel Hill @ 100 Europa Dr. Suite 260: Mondays 12-1:30 pm --contact Dr. Mareah Steketee 919.929.1227

  • Chapel Hill @ 100 Europa Dr. Suite 260: Thursdays 5-6:30pm--contact Dr. Mareah Steketee 919.929.1227

  • Durham @ 1411 Broad St.: Tuesdays 12:30pm -2:00pm--contact Dr. Martha Golden 919.475.4136

If you are interested in a DBT-U group, please call one of the above named clinicians associated with each location-group to make an appointment for an intake evaluation. In this meeting, the DBT clinician will learn about you and your presenting concerns, and you will learn more about DBT.  If you are a well-suited fit and if there is an opening, then you are welcomed to participate in the group.

If you are not already in individual therapy, the DBT intake clinician will provide you with skilled DBT therapist referrals.

Starting DBT is a big commitment. Here are some things to consider when making your decision about joining one of our DBT-U groups.

Are you willing to:

  • Learn to manage your emotions and relationships more effectively?

  • Practice new and different coping skills?

  • Do homework each week that will improve your quality of life?

What to expect if you join the skills group:

  • Receive workbook materials

  • Learn new coping skills weekly

  • Learn practical ways to think, feel, and respond in difficult situations

  • Learn from the experiences of others

  • Learn what works for others dealing with similar life challenges

  • Experience a safe place to practice new coping skills

If you have attended a DBT-U group for 3 semesters and are interested in a graduate group: Facilitators: Charleen Enns, LCSW & Katharine Dennis. Location: 212 W. Main St. Suite C, Carrboro, NC. Meeting Time: Every other Saturday, 12:30-2 PM. Cost: $75 per group. In-Network Insurance: None. Contact: charleenennslcsw@gmail.com; (p) 919-442-8749; charleenennslcsw.com