DBT Training opportunities for Providers


DBT Skills Groups' Participant-Observers

Many skills groups led by TADBiT-affiliated providers welcome a therapist who wants to develop DBT skills and understanding as a participant-observer. A participant-observer participates as a typical member yet is also observing/learning the skills to apply in clinical settings. Typically, these are 6 month commitments. Please contact the leaders of the skills group you wish to join.

TADBIT Introductory DBT Training Workshops

These are introductory workshops to orient therapists to the fundamentals of DBT, covering DBT framework and assumptions for our work with clients. 

2019. May 4 & 18, 2 Day DBT Introductory Training in Chapel Hill.

2018. February in Durham, NC. September in Charlotte. 2 Day Introductory Training.

2017. 8 Session Format, September-December in Chapel Hill.

2016. September 23-24, 2016 at the Tate-Turner-Kuralt Auditorium of the UNC School of Social Work. http://cls.unc.edu/upcoming-programs-2016-2017/clinical-lecture-institutes/dbt-w-eric-gadol-and-martha-golden/

National DBT training opportunities

Respected training organizations and individuals committed to preparing clinicians to deliver DBT with fidelity to the Linehan model are listed here.

DBT Training Team Openings.

Go to DBT Teams for more information.

DBT Skillz Group for Therapists in the Triangle

Go to DBT Skillz for Therapists for more information.