Duke University Validation Workshop, Jan. 25, 2019 

Validation Workshop

Duke University Cognitive Behavioral Research and Treatment Program

Date: Friday January 25th, 2019, 12-5:30pm

Description: Validation is a skill that you can use to communicate understanding and to help someone to calm down. Learn the science of validation and invalidation, and learn practical skills to use to improve your relationships.

  • Welcome

    • Introduction and basic concepts

    • Validation, invalidation, and emotional functioning

    • Validation: step-by-step

    • Building a validation vocabulary

    • Research review: how these skills work

    • Practice

    • Q&A

  • Break

    • Validation in tough situations

    • Using genuine language

    • Practice

    • Q&A

Recommended Cost: $100 per individual, $150 for two people registering together

Co-Leaders: Caitlin Fang, Ph.D., Kibby McMahon, M.A.

Contact: Caitlin Fang at (919)-768-2627 or caitlin.fang@duke.edu