DBT Skills Class for Therapists

This summer Dr. Meggan Moorhead will provide a semester of DBT skills for therapists.  This 8 week (every other Tuesday) course will cover Core Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation.

Knowing, understanding and using skills is a must for being an effective DBT therapist.  One needs to have the ability to hear the behavior  analysis and decide what change strategies will be useful. Using the skills one's self makes

this possible.

Emotion Regulation is the core of DBT and the core of its contribution to the rest of psychotherapy. If a therapist is not planning to observe or teach a DBT skills class on an ongoing basis, this class will provide you the essential

opportunity to learn and practice these skills in a safe and collegial environment.  If you are planning to teach a skills class this is an alternative/additional learning strategy to being a participant observer.

We live. We laugh.  We have fun and grapple with the deep heart of acceptance and change.

May 14, 28

June 11, 25

July 9, 23

August 6, 20

The class will meet at 1411 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705.

The time is Tuesday afternoon 2:30 - 4:15

The cost will be $480.  This can be paid in weekly installments of $60.  The cost will be reduced to $420 if paid in fullbefore. (This provides a 'free miss' which will otherwise not be offered.)

Dr. Moorhead will provide a Fall Course starting in September and a Spring course January 2014.

This class is suitable for many continuing education requirements.

Please call Dr. Meggan Moorhead, 919-286-3031 or email meggan.moorhead@gmail.com

Feel free to share this with other therapists!