DBT Skillz for Therapists: Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness

Next Module on Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness to begin May, 2016.

The 8 session course typically meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 9-10:45am in Chapel Hill. 

Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness skills will follow in September and January.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and practice the skills of Mindfulness

  • Understand the concepts of Emotion Regulation and the the four goals of the Emotion Regulation skills module in personally meaningful ways.

  • Experientially apply the Emotion Process Model, Check the Facts, Opposite Action, and Accumulate Positive Emotions

  • Identify creative ways to teach these skills with clients with the Four Steps of: Link to goal, Shaping step, Essence, Make it SticKy

Cost: The fee for participating in the DBT Skills for Therapists 8 week course is $420 if paid by the second session. Otherwise, the fee is $60 per session for a total of $480. This class is suitable for many continuing education requirements; it is Level B for psychologists.

Contact: For more information or to register, please contact John Mader, LMFT at jmaderlmft@gmail.com or Jeanette Sarbo, PhD at jeanette.sarbo@gmail.com