DBT Family Skills Training. June 4th Half-Day Intro or 12 Week Summer Class

Half-Day DBT Family Skills Training for Family and Friends

Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2016
Location: Unity Center of Peace, Chapel Hill NC

This four hour workshop aims to provide you with essential DBT skills that you can immediately apply to your particular needs. While not covering the material of the 12 week Family Skills Training, these four hours will be a substantial introduction to skills that can help break the perpetual negative feedback loop that prompts criticism, self-blame, or defensiveness in our intimate relationships. 

Each member will receive handouts. I will be sending participants some materials in advance to prepare for effective use of this workshop with your unique issues or patterns.  Cost for this half-day workshop is $100 per person and $150 per couple. Sliding scale is available (I do not want finances to prevent any interested family members from participating). 

Agenda. 8:45am. Registration
9:00am. Introduction & Orientation to DBT for family members. Mindfulness exercise
9:45am. Identifying the Problems as Individual Target Behaviors. The “Red Zone” of Emotion Dysregulation, Emotional Vulnerability & States of Mind Balanced Wise Mind and Mindfulness Skills   
11:00am. Communicating with Validation Strategies. DEAR. Validation First
Noon   Understanding the Patterns and Responding More Effectively. Responding to Red Zone Behaviors. Behavioral Chain of Problem & Solution Analysis
Next Steps and Practice: Your Ambitious Goals (with Commitment to Act)

For more information or to register for TADBiT DBT Family Skills Training Groups, please contact John at jmaderlmft@gmail.com.

12 Week Summer DBT Family Skills Training for Family and Friends

Date: Tuesday Evenings, starting June 21st, 2016
Location: TADBiT Group Room, Carrboro NC

For course learning objectives and weekly skills topics, click here.

The Half-Day Intro is NOT required to participate in the 12 Week Class.